Lit eZine Vol 2 | p-9 | VALENTINE READS – POETRY | Ravaged in Love

Valentine Reads

Micro Poetry by Shirin Salehi

Man with a painted face
Image by Ivan Siarbolin


Your skin is a canvas
Painted with all of
Your sins
A work of art
That was born from destruction
I’d love to hang you on my wall
And marvel
At my greatest love
And greatest regret

Woman behind a starry sky
Image by tweetyspics (Edited by Mona)


I suffer to love her
Her hair smells like 
She’s a hurricane
I want to stand 
Eye of her storm
Iris skies
Iris eyes
Destroy my

Heart on a foggy glass pane
Image by Ugur Tandogan


Tell me a story about love. One that defies logic, a love that splits you into a million little pieces turning you into stardust. A love that only you understand, a love that breaks you and looks back at you like a broken mirror. Love is fickle and out of our control. Like a gloomy day, the birds sing a sad song. Reminding you that maybe there is beauty in the ugliness of hurt. If we could go back in time, perhaps we can wipe off the stains that have tainted us but the patina is what makes old things valuable. Do you think we still have worth? It’s not up to us to decide, let us just leave it to the universe.

Shirin Salehi is a poet, artist and enfant terrible living in the city of champagne skyscrapers otherwise known as New York City.

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