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Valentine Reads

Poem by JD Estrada

Man and woman behind a tree of hearts- digitally edited picture
Image by Deflyne, edited by Mona Soorma
Love is a many headed beast. 
It can have sharp teeth
Loving lips
Or a biting tongue. 

It can have nine voices
Countless hearts
A slew of soul dreams
Or just a simple song. 

It is complex and simple. 
It is as confused as it’s clear.
It is double or nothing
In the sincerest of ways.

It is the You with the I,
The best definition of us
Experienced subjectively
But shared intimately.

It is madness and clarity
It resides between my here and your there
A gorgeous truth
If we take the dare.

So let us dispense with rocks, papers, and scissors,
For love wins in any hand and every heart. 
JD EStrada author picture

Connect with JD Estrada on his Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Although JD Estrada currently resides in Atlanta, GA, home shall always be Puerto Rico. With 19 published works and many more on the way, Estrada likes to explore a variety of genres including urban fantasy, middle-grade, poetry, non-fiction, and horror in both English and Spanish because if variety is the spice of life, then let things be spicy. Beyond books, he is also a Creativity Ambassador with a sock collection that borders on the ludicrous and is the original banana secret agent #00Bananas. If you don’t know what that is, check that hashtag for some silly.

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JD Estrada

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