Lit eZine Vol 2 | p-5 | VALENTINE READS – POETRY | Lipstick on a Wine Glass

Valentine Reads

Poem by Ken Jorgenson

Wine glass with a lipstick stain
Image edited by Anisha Shakur
Love doesn’t always have to be
shimmering off rippling waves
or celestial trumpets 
announcing the arrival of 
impassioned gods 
clashing swords and shields 
for your honour
Love is simpler now
it is everywhere 
just seeing the remnants of your lipstick
on last night’s wine glass
is enough to stir my heart anew
is enough to remind me 
that I have been forever changed
that whatever has passed before
is a mere prologue 
to this new life with you
and every single moment 
now carries with it
a greater meaning
for the relentless passage of time 
brings with it an urgency
exposes the fragility of life
and bestows to the once commonplace 
a treasured specialness of existence
I think even old Zeus himself
could one day learn to savour these moments
and rue his own immortality

Ken Jorgenson was our Author In Spotlight in the November 2022 issue. Read more of his work and an Interview with Ken Jorgenson here.

Ken Jorgenson is an avid reader, a bit of a nerd, and has recently taken the leap to become a writer. From maintaining a long-running creative journal to penning articles for The Pub Magazine, he finally self-published his first novel, The Black Horse Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Small Town Ontario Pub in 2020. In 2021, he shared his insights of an unsettled life with sensibility and striking imagery in his first poetic collection, At Home in the Maelstrom. It seems his love for writing never seems to wane, as Ken is currently hard at work completing a new historical fiction novel titled The Remarkable Tale of H. Hachaliah Johnson, which will be available this winter. A former professional rugby player, Ken plies his trade as a Health & Safety Manager in Toronto, Canada.

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