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At LIT eZINE we aspire to create a collective of lone voices and make them heard.
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Welcome to the LIT eZINE family. We are currently accepting submissions for poetry, micro poetry, short stories, flash fiction, articles (on reading, writing, books, philosophy, life, and other related topics), reviews of new books, and book excerpts (from your own book if it can also stand alone as a piece in itself).

We also accept original photography and artwork for illustration and photo prompts.

We are looking for work that is sensitive, thought-provoking, intelligent, and humorous. We encourage artistic expression that portrays depth in characterization & ideas and exhibits a nuanced perspective of the mundane.

Please read the terms and guidelines carefully and submit accordingly.

Download the submission format here. Please fill in the required details and email the same document to

Terms and Guidelines

  • Please submit only your original work.
    We accept work on all themes unless specified. However, adult content, such as erotica, horror, and dark fantasy, will not be accepted at this time as we at Lit eZine wish to reach a wider audience.
  • We welcome work published on your own website or social media pages but NOT work already published in a magazine, an anthology or a book (unless it is accepted as a book excerpt). Please mention your site where the work is already published and send us a link to the same.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed but you must inform us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. It is your responsibility to ensure that guidelines for submission are honoured at all places that you submit.
  • All work needs to be accompanied by a short bio not exceeding 150 words, written in the third person along with a link to your website or social media where readers can follow and support you.
    You may also submit a photograph of size 250 x 250 px to be published with your bio. (The photograph is optional but we recommend it as readers love to get to know their favourite authors)
  • We are unable to provide monetary compensation for accepted submissions at this time. However, we don’t charge any reading fees either.
    What we do give you is a chance to widen your audience by posting live links along with your work so your readers can find you.
    This is voluntary labour of love and we aim for the widest possible circulation and exposure for our writers by keeping our magazine free of cost for the readers.
  • All submissions will be read and responded to. Please allow 90 days for a response.
  • You may submit not more than three works across genres at one submission. However, you can submit your work again for the next editions.
  • If you submit two or more works, preferably in different genres, you will automatically be considered for the “Author Spotlight” section. You may also request to be considered for the same. If your work is chosen to be featured in this section, you will be required to do an additional interview.
  • Submissions:
    • Submit all written work as a .doc or .docx. or pdf file. However, we prefer .doc or .docx files.
      The submission may also include a photograph or copy of a work of art to accompany it (in .jpeg or .png format) only if that is also your work and you hold a copyright to the same.
    • Please use standard formatting and Times New Roman font, size 12 points.
    • Submission size-
      Poetry: 50 words to 1000 words
      Micro poetry: Less than 50 words. We do not hold you to any character limits.
      Short story: 1000 to 4000 words
      Flash Fiction: Less than 1000 words
      Articles: Up to 2500 words
      Micropoetry has to be submitted as a set of 3 to 5 poems on the same common theme to be freely chosen by the poet. They must be collectively titled according to the theme chosen.
    • Download the submission format here.
    • To submit photography and artwork, please contact us directly by email.
  • As this magazine will be circulated all over the world, we require you to be the owner of the copyright and world rights to the submitted work.
    By submitting your work to us, you have permitted us to publish the same in our magazine in any format/formats that we choose and to maintain records of the same in our archives.
    The copyright to your work belongs to you and we lay no claim on it whatsoever, except for the right to publish it in our magazine as given to us by you.
  • Check the current deadline in the submit button here.

Submitting to us means that you agree to and will honour the guidelines and terms stated above.

Please send your entries to with Submissions (name of the genre) in the subject line.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications, you can mail them to with Queries in the subject line.

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