CANDID CONVERSATIONS: Mona Soorma talks to Ismael Mansoor

Hello and welcome back to Candid Conversations! Today, I have an interview with a wonderful writer and poet, Ismael Mansoor. He is a fan of online writing and likes to make sure he has written something every day so he can go to bed happy. His pet peeve- people who want to correct his writing!... Continue Reading →

CANDID CONVERSATIONS: Mona Soorma talks to PMF Johnson and Sandra Rector

Hello and welcome back! Today, we are going to meet a very interesting couple, both excellent writers with their own style and fan following, as they talk about sharing one of their greatest passions in life. For those of you who are just getting to know them, read more about PMF and Sandra right now, or... Continue Reading →

CANDID CONVERSATIONS: Mona Soorma talks to Ken Jorgenson

Welcome to the first episode in this series of interviews with poets and writers and today, I am talking to former international rugby player Ken Jorgenson. Ken, who is a very talented poet and writer, played rugby for the Danish team, earning six caps in 2000-2001. Playing for the Markham Rugby Football Club, he has also... Continue Reading →


Hello lovely people! Before I say anything else... a huge "thank-you" to all of you for being my wonderful support system, for reading my work even when I am absent, which keeps happening more often than I would like! However, freelance work does tend to make my schedule very irregular. And that is how it... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Ratna Guha

The end of the Poetry Month is upon us, and I feel I haven't even touched upon the vast poetic treasure that the internet holds... however, we just do our bit in the hope that every drop in the ocean counts. I do sincerely hope that you enjoyed this poetic journey with me. Today I... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Avery Chase

This wonderful poet has got a lot packed into her little poems. Meet Avery Chase... She can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Meanwhile, do enjoy my choice from her poetry called 'One Song' #NationalPoetryMonth

Celebrating Poets – Esma Ahsraf

I met this lovely lady online a while ago, and I love her passion for poetry and the way she has worked so hard to follow her dream. She has been writing a lot of poems in Urdu (though I can't read them!) and has just published her first book of poems in English. Esma... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Fergie

Some people don't need to be spoken for, their words speak for them... Fergie... a poet who touches my heart with every poem, one I love to read whenever possible. His poetry is so beautiful, you can visit him on Twitter and decide for yourself. Of course, there's always my choice to help you decide!... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Alan

When life gets tough, look towards a poem! I hope you are enjoying my selection of favourite poets this Poetry Month. I have had a great time revisiting a lot of my well-loved pages. My choice for today is a poem that is at once fun and deep, with layers of meaning if you care... Continue Reading →

Celebrating poets – Fish In The Brook

How often we keep on playing with words and yet, the meanings are lost in the chaos... Meet this master of brevity, the one who can say so much in so little. It is always a profound exp[erience to connect with his poetry. Fish In The Brook... read his work on Twitter. My choice for... Continue Reading →

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