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This beautiful painting called First Encounter by Rebecca Chamberlain speaks a thousand words. What does it say to you?
Use the picture, words, or both as a prompt for your writing.

Share your work. Create a post on your website or social media and post the link in the comments. We will reshare it on our social pages.

You may submit your writing based on this picture prompt for publication in the next issue. Just mention “picture prompt” along with the genre.

Let the ink flow…

First Encounter- A Painting by Rebecca Chamberlain
First Encounter: Oil on linen painting by Rebecca Chamberlain

First Encounter

by Rebecca Chamberlain, 2021.

12 x 16 
oil on linen canvas

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Rebecca Chamberlain’s career as a fine artist and private art instructor began in 1995. She has taught workshops and classes in private studios, museums, libraries, arts organizations and educational cooperatives in Kentucky, Maryland, South Carolina, and Georgia. With a deep appreciation for Italian Renaissance, Symbolist, and Pre-Raphaelite art, her work is inspired by artists from these movements. She is also inspired by art from the Golden Age of Illustration, Botanical Studies, and Contemporary Realism.  Rebecca’s subjects are primarily portraiture, figurative, and still life. She works in graphite, charcoal, Faber-Castell polychromos colored pencils, ink and oil. Her original works can be found in private collections throughout the United States. In 2010 five of her illustrations were published in the book, Bluegrass Drawing Society, and in 2014 she illustrated the children’s book, Jayden the Gentle, Tall and Gangly Giraffe, written by Lisa Farr Sharon. Rebecca wrote and illustrated the book, Maralee and the Turtles of the Sea, which was published in June 2018

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