Lit eZine Vol 2 | p-12 | POETRY | Miracle


by Anisha Shakur

  • Flowers Digital Art
  • Hawk digital art
  • Portrait Butterfly Digital art
  • Rose and Butterflies Digital Art
  • Rose Emerging Digital Art
  • Bloom Digital Art
  • Sparrow Digital Art
  • Sunflower Digital Art
  • Violin Bloom Digital Art
  • Yellow Buttterfly Digital Art
I keep aching for a miracle,
the way a snow-covered statue 
aches for life,
for a healing kiss from the divine,
to melt the frost and ice,
perhaps a smile from a stranger
or a whispered prayer would suffice.

Then you breathe sun and spirit
into my being,
so many blessings of light you bestow,
let us dance in the warmth 
of a golden dream,
and bloom like wildflowers
in my heart's meadow. 

Anisha Shakur is a digital artist from Miami, FL. She enjoys reading and writing poetry, spending time in nature, and visiting/exploring new places with her husband. She believes everyone has an inner light, and through sharing our artistic creations, it has the power to brighten the world and each other’s lives.
Anisha is the digital artist and illustrator for Lit eZine Magazine.
You can find her artwork on Instagram @salimashakur 

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Please don’t forget
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