Lit eZine Vol 2 | p-21 | Meet The Team

Profile picture Mona Soorma aka Manic Sylph

Mona Soorma

Design and Editing

Poet and Writer.
Author of several books, she works as a freelance writer and translator. She loves the outdoors and is always ready to learn something new.
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Profile picture Anisha Shakur

Anisha Shakur


Anisha Shakur is a digital artist from Miami, FL. She believes everyone has an inner light, and through sharing our artistic creations, it has the power to brighten the world and each other’s lives.
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Profile Picture Glen Giles, Photographer

Glen Giles


He enjoys capturing life’s moments. He enjoys the outdoors and finding the beauty in ordinary things.
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A senior school teacher and history buff.
She loves children and enjoys watching movies when she is not studying for her next degree.
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Profile picture Aaron Giles

Aaron Giles


He enjoys watching wildlife and loves travelling to unusual places. His favourite hobbies include kayaking, golf, and fishing.

Profile picture Emma Bagbey

Emma Bagbey


She enjoys spending time with family and friends and hopes to become an x-ray tech someday! 

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