Are You In Love? Yes? This is for you!

Are you looking for words to bare your heart in love but can’t find them in your head?

Are you looking for sweet little things to say to your significant other but your tongue is tied?

Look no further!

Cover of POEMITAS, a book of tiny love poems


The book of tiny love poems that your lover will swoon at

Rhymes that will give voice to your feelings

Words that will win hearts

Made just for you!

And, it’s a gift. Absolutely free!

Love and a freebie… a combination you simply can’t resist!

Get the free eBook POEMITAS Now!

130 poems, all of them a labour of my love.

This book is meant exclusively for you through my website. You cannot buy it anywhere. Not even from me. Because there can be no price-tag on love!

Still thinking? Don’t! Good things might not last forever.

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