Lit eZine Vol 2 | p-14 | POETRY | The World Through My Eyes


by Mehul.B

A Mystical World

Fantasy Sea world at night
When the ocean was
seeking solitude 
in the lap of moonlight,
those wonder creatures
were seen hiding under the
cloak of darkness

Their young inquisitive eyes 
glittering with curiosity 
as if they were 
new to that place

A Wintery World

Dew drops on a fallen leaf and grass catching the sunlight
Image by RPN
A shiny coat 
of pearls glistening
in the sunlight 
over evergreen soul 
and earthy 
fragrance of soil
evoking freshness 

nature looks all set,
dressed up for
winter days

A Gloomy World

Image by StockSnap
The clouds painted the sky
with the hue of my dark sorrow,
the ombre shades of grey
the deeper you see into its depth,
the darker it gets

A Nostalgic World

Passengers in an old bus
Image by Arshad Jamil
Strange comfort 
in these rusty seats, 
folk music playing
in the background,
lyrics too difficult
to understand but
still painting 
my imagination
in the belief
that their meaning
revolve around 
my life's journey

An Anonymous World

A book with a world inside it
Image by Mysticsartdesign
A reality cleverly
crafted into many 
fabricated stories
in his diary,

torn between 
what is real
and what appears
to be real

A Magical World

Streetlight in the fog
Image by Schwoaze
Scattered, dim 
streetlight in
the mist,
feelings drenched
in moist breeze,
sparkling desires
making their way
through the darkness,
eyes capturing 
that surreal magic
of the ambience

An Inquisitive World

A sky overlaid with a clock, a woman's face and a castle under it
Image by darksouls1
I tore the sky apart 
to find out 

where time flies,

where my past evaporates
into my memories,

where the memories 
passing by my life
are heading 

A Broken World

An old house with broken windows
Image by StillWorksImagery
Love abandoned that house
a while ago,
broken windows are 
the passage for the rays 
of hope to shine 
and to escape grim reality 
for a while

On the porch
someone still waiting there,
the pillars of patience still 
holding up that house

The World Beyond

Image by peterpang252
A place beautiful
yet scary 
above the 
limit of the sky,
beyond the horizon

where moon is just
another place and
colourless souls 
of night 
sing in silence 

where eyes peep
through undiscovered holes
and the secrets of existence 
dwell in the silence
of the darkness

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