Happy New Year 2022!

I wish for you all that you would ever dream of having, and then some more... lots of love from the bottom of my heart! Let's walk together into new beginnings...

I managed to beat the pandemic!

It has been a time of slow, rambling walks over the now-rare remnants of the ancient Aravalli mountains, my Fido sniffing deep into the grass for stuff that his daydreams are made of and me finally living the dreams I had- of one day being able to get up and watch him play in the overgrown grass- dreams that kept me going when hope wasn't too thick on the ground. On the days when it rains, we just slosh round the edges of the ponds, listening the the frogs raise up a cacophony, croaking for their mates. Dripping shoes and the raindrops beating their tiny drums on our raincoats... I am so happy to be alive to see all this again.

Delightful December Deals For The Holiday Season!

Hola! I hope you all have been well during my near absence. Life has been a little topsy-turvy in my corner. With my city getting the third, and quite severe wave of COVID-19, many from my extended family got caught in the mess. It was a tough time going through sickness and death, some are... Continue Reading →

Their love makes my world go round…

Two sweet ladies. One book of mine. Infinite shared love... They made my day, week month! How? They read my book "Love Symphony" and wrote such wonderful reviews.... I am honoured, humbled, rendered speechless! I am sure their words are much more beautiful than my poems, and I'm not really sure that I deserve them,... Continue Reading →

Are you worried about age stealing your beauty?

Are you worried about age stealing your beauty? Have you ever wondered if the passing years are in some way diminishing you as a person? I too have fallen prey to that at times. Most often, we worry about our age showing on our faces. Every wrinkle can become a source of anxiety and we... Continue Reading →

Invitation! Welcome to my new group “Poets For Poets”

Calling all poets- Let's get together to scale new heights! Hola! This one is for all my poet friends. When I saw the gap between need and availability, I started my free poetry book reviews to help new authors gain exposure and promotion for their books. That is but a small drop in a vast... Continue Reading →

When dreams come true: An unexpected moment of poetic delight

Try and catch dreams, and they keep flying away. But pause, let your soul breathe, and they alight on you like a delicate butterfly... a touch of joy, more precious in its transience. How precious are those dreams that come alive when we least expect them to? I think, a lot, lot more than others!... Continue Reading →

Top Tips: How To Support A Writer Without Spending Money

You would love to support writers. Right? The most obvious way: Buy their books. But you can't buy all the books of every writer. Right again! Writers understand that too. They wouldn't want you to break your bank either, but of course they do need your love and support as a reader. Can that be... Continue Reading →

3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Writing With Imagery

Imagery, simply put, is the use of words to recreate a world that is not only seen but felt deeply with all five senses and also produces an emotional response in the reader.

SOUL FOOD and INSTANT KARMA: Thoughts For An Inspired Living

Hey beautiful people! How are you all doing? Life is rather topsy-turvy these days but I hope everything is settling well into what might pass as the new normal. These are trying times and we are all experiencing some anxiety, uncertainty and a bit of rage against the circumstances. To help you out with a... Continue Reading →

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