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Valentine Reads

Micropoetry by Mona Soorma

TIMELESS: A Love Story

A Special Video Story for every lover, and for everyone who is in love with love. For this time of the year when love is in the air…

TIMELESS: A Love Story, Cover
TIMELESS: A Love Story, Micropoetry by Mona Soorma
She was made of moonlight, starry nights and soft, misty love. 
I don’t know when darkness became my favourite hour of the day!

Like a snowflake upon a palm
Let me melt into you
Or at once!

Write upon my skin 
Your promises 
With warm fingers, 
And with hot trailing breaths 
 Your dreams...

He smiled 
And I could see
every star ever born
Shine in his eyes. 
He was the night sky
And I, the stargazer,
lost in his delights.

In those stolen moments 
Of eloquent glances and shared smiles
I find my world

Let’s dance to the
perfect symphony
of my breath-strings 
strumming to the
beat of your heart.
Crazy, crazy love!

She came wearing a trail of fireflies and April blossoms
Intoxicating, as the fragrance of warm summer nights 
And I loved her so!

His eyes were like an ocean, dark and deep
And I, a mermaid
Cavorting delightedly in its starry depths

And they stood 
Wrapped in their own world 
Oblivious to the storm raging 
For their hearts carried 
A much greater chaos within

God gave them a beautiful beginning
But he left the rest of the pages blank 
So they could write their own story
And they wrote tirelessly 
Of the ancient love
mirrored in their eyes….

~Fairy tales do come true.

This set of poems is an excerpt from the book Love Symphony- A Hundred Refrains of Love.

Mona Soorma is a poet, writer, and translator from India. She enjoys writing in every form and loves to experiment but her genre of choice is poetry. She has authored several books of poetry and prose and is always looking to expand her horizons.
Apart from her writing, she focuses on giving a platform and a voice to Indie writers with her various initiatives to help them along in their journey.
You can find her as manicsylph on your favourite social media.

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Please don’t forget
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Mona Soorma

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