If I can't hug you with my arms, let me touch you with my poetry
-Poetry quote by Mona Soorma aka Manic Sylph

Welcome to Manic Sylph Writes…

my world of poetic dreams and soul-shattering love.

I am Mona, a poet and dream peddler among the stars, but back on earth, I am a wife, mom, an educator and a freelance writer-translator.

An over-thinker and a perfectionist with her head often buried into something creative or hatching crazy plans… Yeah! That’s me too.

If you like my work, please share it forward, leave a comment, write me a review and buy my books.

I am delighted that you are here to visit me. Stay awhile, follow my pages and let’s be friends.

Your support is precious and truly appreciated.

Let the journey begin…

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