About Me

A Poetically Tangled Dreamer…

Mona Soorma aka Manic Sylph, author, with her dog

Life is one long dream, at once many different hues and shades, sometimes beautiful as the night, at others, the warmth of amber sunlight punctuated by gentle drops of rain…a topsy-turvy world that keeps spinning out of control, and then going right side up again!

Writing is my passion and poetry, my first love.

I choose to paint little scraps of my dreams in ink and set them free, to be carried by the wayward winds where they will, hoping you will catch the whispers and let them touch you.

I have often been asked, why I call myself Manic Sylph. Well, that’s what I am, a sylph, an air-fairy, an intangible wisp that is here, yet isn’t. And yeah, I’m a little bit manic too…

If you want to tangle with words, some mine, and some yours, step into my world, and dance with the stars, lose yourself in my fantasy, and who knows, you just might find yourself here too!

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