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by Shelley Sanders-Gregg

A woman writing, image by Ron Lach
Image by Ron Lach


Words are only words to some,
Just ink upon a slate.
Strands of letters strung together 
Strewn across the page.

Jumbled letters, scribbled scribe,
No sense do they make
To some readers who scrutinize
The artistry we create.

Don’t halt the pen or stall the keys,
They don’t see what we do;
The message inside the messages.
It’s beyond their scope of view.

Keep writing what comes to your mind,
Your stories, poems, and thoughts. 
Some will understand them
While others may not.

Write not to please the masses.
Blow your seeds into the wind.
They’ll grow where they are needed,
And bloom and bloom again. 


Someone asked me…
What do you do?
I said
I ask questions 
I stand apart
Not to cause trouble
But to provoke thought
To delve deeper
Than where we’ve been
Where the meat is
Under the skin.
On the surface
We miss the wonder
The bounty of beauty
If we never dive under.

I’m a poet, 
But not just to write…
It’s never that simple

Nor is life. 

I believe that everyone has a greater purpose in life. I believe every single person on this earth is here for a reason… and that each individual has a gift to share for the betterment of society. And I believe that, as poets, our gift is in our words. We have the ability to move people, evoke emotion, make people laugh, to make them think about the world and themselves in a way they never have before. Never doubt your value as a poet and the tremendous gift you possess. It’s remarkable, indeed.
-Shelley Sanders-Gregg

Author profile picture Shelley Sanders-Gregg

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Shelley Sanders-Gregg (she/her) is a writer and poet, wife and mother of four from St. Louis, Mo. She holds a master’s degree in social work and much of her poetry centers around hope and healing, nature, and the joys of motherhood.  You can find more of her work on IG:@sgreggwrites

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