Lit eZine Vol 1 | p-8 | POETRY | Heartbroken


by Sney

Fallen flower by RJ001rock
Image by RJ001rock


The thread that connected 
our hearts is broken 
So hard 
That it is beyond repair 
My heart bleeds at the 
Sight of her 
I had to let her go,
No matter how much 
My heart craves
for hers,
There is no going back 
Some things are better 
Unsaid than done...


How am I supposed to love you ..?
When I don’t even love myself
How am I supposed to trust you..?
When I don’t even trust myself
How am I supposed to know you..?
When I can’t even read myself
Filled with all these arguments ,
My mind is a burning mess
My heart is struggling ,
And I am finding it hard to breathe
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She is Suneha but likes to go by Sneha. She is seventeen, fascinated by music, books, art and nature, but more than anything in this world she loves poetry. She didn’t know she could even write, but the darkness brought out the best in her. She is that girl with a traumatized childhood who still loves easily. She constantly craves love and affection and struggles to accept the fact that heartbreaks are a part of life and that without them, she wouldn’t be here. She believes that the rate of growth is directly proportional to the rate of pain someone goes through. She is a Science student and wants to be a Psychologist. She is peeling a layer of herself every day, learning the unknown. She is proud of herself, and of what she has become. Not every day is the same but she is trusting the process and working on it.

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