Lit eZine Vol 1 | p-7 | POETRY | Wanting


by Teri Anderson

A woman thinking, against a night background
Photograph by Glen Giles and Pexels

I find myself wanting
Beyond dreams often untouched
Longing for whats haunting
Feeling very rushed

The need for belonging
To feel normal
The object of longing
My heart feeling dismal

Shall I ever feel whole
Or will I be forever lost
Torn from the ground like a mole
Trying to find the one I love the most

I hate wanting to be ordinary
Standing out shouldn't be scary

Teri Anderson was a runner-up in the Penguin Michael Joseph Christmas Romance Competition and a winner of the Aquatint writing contest specializing in zines and poetry. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the Cass School of Art and spends most of her time with her dog Poppy and caring for her disabled mum, with F1 on in the background.

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