Lit eZine Vol 1 | p-19 | The Readers Page

What is a writer without a reader? An empty shell dripping ink…

Dear reader,
You are important, very very important, so here’s a page meant just for you. A page where you speak and I listen. Tell me what you enjoyed, and what you didn’t. Tell me what more would you like to see in Lit eZine. Speak your heart out and help Lit eZine grow and get better.

If you enjoyed reading the magazine, join the Lit eZine email list.

As always, you have been awesome with your support. I want to thank you for being so supportive and encouraging with this giveaway.

10 lucky readers will get one of my eBooks absolutely free!

What’s more, you can choose the book that you want. And it is super easy. You just need to do three tiny things.

First, read Lit eZine, which, if you are here, you have already done.
Second, comment on the work of at least one author. Perhaps, you have already done that too. I know you are awesome and you will support more than one author with your comments, and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!
Third, follow at least one author (or ten!) on their social media. They would love to have you there.

Fill up this form, and if you are one of those five randomly chosen lucky readers, you will get your free book link in your email.

Five readers will be chosen on the 5th of December 2022, and another five on the 5th of January 2023. The names of the lucky ones will be announced on this page so don’t forget to check back here.

Stay tuned!


I am thrilled that we have clocked over 800 page reads on the magazine in 1 month! However, none of the readers have chosen to fill up the form for getting the free books so I have no names to mention here.
Until later folks!

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