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At LIT eZINE we aspire to create a collective of lone voices and make them heard.

Hello readers!

I am delighted to finally touch this very exciting moment when I write my first editorial because this means another one of my seemingly near-impossible dreams is about to come true. For years, the desire to launch a literary magazine was sitting in my head, gathering steam, and now I can feel the familiar bubbles dancing crazily in my chest. Oh my God! This is real! I can fly to the moon and back several times over on my adrenaline.

When did you feel like this recently? What makes you go into a galactic orbit with joy? My first book did that to me. Then my first book to become the #1 new arrival did it again. Now, this. Wow!

In fact, this magazine is the secret twin of my first published book, born almost at the moment it showed up on Amazon. Becoming an indie author brought home to me the multiple challenges every indie faced at every turn, many of them quite unfair. That’s when I started many of my initiatives to help indie authors. And of course, my readers have always been my favourite people and I want to bring the best to them. The two goals meet in one dream- the Lit eZine Magazine.

Litezine share the love,

I have tried to bring all the best things together in Lit eZine- it is absolutely free for my fabulous readers, it has variety with poetry, stories, puzzles, artwork, and whatever else that will come our way as we go on, and there is no reading fee for my writer friends, submitting is always free. What more could you ask for! Well, if there is something more that you need, just let me know and I’ll try and get it for you.

Lit eZine needs your support to grow. I can’t do it without you. I don’t want you to spend your money, but I would really appreciate a few moments of your time. Please read the heart-blood of the authors, share what you love, follow them on their social media, and spread the word… let’s make this bigger and bigger… and don’t forget to write back with your views and suggestions. Two-way communication is what makes great things awesome.


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