Lit eZine Vol 1 | p-4 | POETRY | Grains of Life


by Davidw

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My heart plays a dangerous game with me.
It makes me walk the tightrope between resolve and sacrifice. 
The distance saturated with tears and loosely strung.

Suffering through the heat
The heart resilient as the sand
I measure each grain against you
My falling

I feel the reach
And flowery thoughts 
They caress me from afar
And still I can feel
Their delicate touch

I can feel the gaze
Of so many beautiful faces
Those that have left a mark
Those who’ve left their traces

I wonder of the little fires I have started how many still smolder?
Do they still warm the hearts of those who’ve collected their embers or have they become as cold as forgotten memories?

I'm good. And when I'm finally finished, I'll be great.

David W- Always listening for new happiness.

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