Lit eZine Vol 1 | p-5 | POETRY | Faces of Me


by Rebel Soul

A Mermaid on the sea, Image by sergeitokmakov
Image by sergeitokmakov


I'm trying to be the sailor
in your ocean
Surfing the waves
even in danger of falling apart
And be caught by the fiery sharks
They don't scare me
But the thought of unknown discoveries
That .... fully gives me shivers down my spine.

Will U soothe that shaking over my skin
Are u gonna hold me so tight like u promised me...

Eternity awaits far beyond the horizon blue
lines ...


Never been that Autumn girl
That others wished me to be
I am more the Summer fish
Who enjoys the breeze
And play with crunchy leaves
But by now
I let all of that lives
And take it at ease
And slowly slowly
Leaving expectations behind
Getting ready and flipping
What Is soon coming

Rebel Soul was born long ago somewhere in the south of sunny Spain. She loved writing so much as a little child, not only tales and stories but writing all kinds of news programs were so much fun for her. As she grew older, she sadly stopped indulging in her passion but then one day…all that love for words came rushing back…just in time to heal her broken heart.

Please don't forget to support the writer.

Please don’t forget
to support the writer!

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