Lit eZine Vol 1 | p-10 | POETRY | Welcoming

by Josh

Illustration Family by Kalpana
Illustration by Kalpana
From birth
your time,
they say,
will come.
Your family
the papers,
you sign.
Guns flare.
The uncles,
the grandads,
the fathers -
those left -
they say,
your time
will come.
You sign,
they cheer,
you fight,
they boo.
Your war
will come.

Josh is many things, but when it comes to writing, he sees the practicality in portraying life’s
nuances while acknowledging its grand absurdity. Always hoping to inspire people to accept
setbacks with triumphs, he hopes to cultivate a sense of catharsis through eccentric humour
and humanizing each other with modern realism and colloquialism. Most importantly, he hopes you enjoy.

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Please don’t forget
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