Celebrating Poets – DeRicki Johnson

Hi everyone! This "Poetry Month Posting Spree" is keeping me here so often and I am enjoying talking to you all. Sometimes, I need a push to socialise...I am a true recluse, perhaps that's why poetry is dear to me! Today, the poet I have for you is another wonderful guy that I met on... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Darren Wilson

Poetry...and more poetry...food for the soul, let's have some more... Today, let me introduce you to my friend and poet Darren Wilson. There's something sharp and edgy about his words that have always captivated his audiences. His thought is deep, though a little sad at times, and his metaphors take you into another world, his... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – AfroetryC

A balm for the soul... Isn't poetry awesome!! I hope you are enjoying the flow of creative juices this poetry months. For today, I choose a fabulous poet and spoken word artist from Uganda who writes about the life experiences of people and in her own words, "there is a poem or a piece about... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Fiery

If words could kill...and words could make you immortal... Well, her words can! She is a poet beyond compare, one whose work I will never tire of reading. She is well known around WordPress, but for those who have still not been touched by her, a look at her blog Silently Smouldering Words would have you... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Carolina Natan

Hello dear friends! The poet for today is a beautiful lady I met on google plus a while ago, and yes, she is beautiful inside and out! She is a prolific writer and you can find her on most social media platforms. She also has a poetry blog called Carolanloving's blog. Her poetry never fails... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Mark Kloss

Good Morning/Evening/Night, wherever you happen to be in time... I am having a wonderful time, sifting in my head through the poets I like and I hope you are enjoying getting to know some new people too. Must make a nice change from the same old boring me! Today, let me introduce you once again... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Kenny Jorgenson

Hi everyone and big smiles! I hope spring has touched your hearts with its fragrant breath and life is a garden full of blooms...a different one for each day, each one more beautiful than before... The second day of the National Poetry Month and I am excited! Choosing today's poet was easy. I have been... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Ink

I love April. Yeah, it's springtime, almost summer for me, and I love it. But April is special... it is the national poetry month! And what better way to celebrate it than to celebrate poets, those mystical creatures who wrap their wispy rhymes around your hearts and bewitch your senses with a splash of their... Continue Reading →

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