Celebrating Poets – Ink

I love April.

Yeah, it’s springtime, almost summer for me, and I love it. But April is special… it is the national poetry month! And what better way to celebrate it than to celebrate poets, those mystical creatures who wrap their wispy rhymes around your hearts and bewitch your senses with a splash of their ink…

In my series celebrating poets, I am going to bring to you some of my favourite gorgeous poetry… 30 days, 30 poets, and a love affair with words…

Woman with floating hearts tied to threads like balloons

The poet for today has a special place in my heart. A fabulous writer and a wonderful person, his poetry always brings me smiles. Every time I need to find myself, I head to his blog, and it never fails to nurture me.

Meet Ink Stitution, and fall in love with his beautiful misty thoughts and poet trees

Finding one poem out of so many is always difficult, and this one is also, perhaps, not representative of his work, but Skipping Boots has been one of my all-time favourites.

Enjoy this, and do read some of his other poems as well and decide on your own favourites.

Skipping boots

Carefully avoiding
the cracks between the tiles
Beautiful and sad go hand in hand…
As if they fool life smiling

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