Celebrating Poets – DeRicki Johnson

Hi everyone!

This “Poetry Month Posting Spree” is keeping me here so often and I am enjoying talking to you all. Sometimes, I need a push to socialise…I am a true recluse, perhaps that’s why poetry is dear to me!

Today, the poet I have for you is another wonderful guy that I met on Google Plus. Yes, Google Plus has been home for so long, and a place full of friends, I am not adjusting too well without it, yet.

Let’s talk of DeRicki Johnson. His pen is magic, and he writes about everything under the sun. I love his simple contemporary poetry that makes us think. He can be found on Instagram and Twitter and he does have a blog too. It was so difficult to decide on one poem, I wanted to add so many, but in the end, I settled on this… Enjoy his work!



7 thoughts on “Celebrating Poets – DeRicki Johnson

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  1. Thank you Mona. I am humbled and honored by your kind acknowledgment. I’m thrilled you enjoy my poems!

    It’s interesting you consider yourself a recluse. So am I. Now I wonder if this is a trait common among poets!😄

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    1. You totally deserve it! I do love your poetry but the days are not enough to read and work and write lol!
      Recluse…perhaps all artists are to an extent, though most times I am just thrown by the number of conversations they are having. I wish I had that gift 😉 but as of now I prefer to spend more time talking to my myself! It is definitely too peoply out there 😃

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