Celebrating Poets – Erin Hanson

One for the weekend... This is a poet I discovered a couple of years ago, and I instantly fell in love with this young girl's writing. The freshness of her thought and her lyrical poetry fascinates me. Erin Hanson, also known as e.h can be found at her blog "The Poetic Underground", her facebook page... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – J K Salmon

“One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.” —Charles Baudelaire Ah! Well, poetry is my chosen poison... so let me make my choice for today. J K Salmon... or perhaps, you know him better as NorthPoet. A romantic, a... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Janey M

Hi dear friends! Thank you very much for showing your love to these awesome poets this Poetry Month. Do tell me about your favourite poets too, let's share the love forward and let poetry claim our souls! I am keeping my eyes peeled for your comments... Some people are just perfect! And so is this... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Ivor Steven

We all have heard about poetry being the window to one's soul... in this case, it is definitely true. This poet has always touched my heart with his often anecdotal poetry and his honesty of thought and emotion that shines through. Ivor Steven... the poem I have chosen is full of some beautiful word-pictures. I... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Nasreen Malik

Today is a happy day... just because! It is raining and a respite from the heat and the cool, cool breeze does make the heart smile. And of course, it's time for some more poetry. The poet for today is this sweet lady who had been with me on Google plus for a very long... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Shantanu Baruah

  Hey Friends! Como estas? Steeping my soul in poetry is feeling so beautiful... and I am having a difficult time trying to sort out which poet will come next. So I decided to keep adding those who probably expect it the least on that given day! Am I succeeding? Well, most of the time,... Continue Reading →

Celebrating poets – David W

A poet is not a poet for what is on paper, he is a poet for what is in his heart! Today, the poet I have in mind is just such a person, who does not write deliberate poetry but speaks in poetry instead. His impromptu poetry is often deep and always lyrical. Let's celebrate... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Jorunn K. Sekse

  Happy Weekend dear friends! I hope you get to enjoy the spring weather along with lots of poetry. Today, I bring to you poetry with a difference. This wonderful poet sings and has a fabulous voice that you will love. You can get in touch with her on Instagram and listen to her songs... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Elusive Me

When words are all we have... can they ever be enough? I don't think so. We will always crave for more! And here I am, craving for more poetry, my appetite never satiated. Today, I have an amazing poet of emotions- Elusive Me. She was a Queen of G Plus, but alas, most of her... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Poets – Flame Of Firedrake

He is a flame that engulfs the soul and the embers make hearts glow... Known as the Flame Of Firedrake to the Twitterati, this amazing poet knows only how to win hearts. His poetry never fails to catch one's attention and it is something you would want to read again and again. I chose one... Continue Reading →

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