Celebrating Poets – Darren Wilson

Poetry…and more poetry…food for the soul, let’s have some more…

Today, let me introduce you to my friend and poet Darren Wilson. There’s something sharp and edgy about his words that have always captivated his audiences. His thought is deep, though a little sad at times, and his metaphors take you into another world, his world, and you would not stay untouched.

You can find a large body of his work on his page here on Hello Poetry. He also has some of his poetry on Twitter, if that is where you prefer to visit him.

I hope you will enjoy this one from him.

Mountains Flow…

Like an anthill I was, at birth.
The sprouting of a tree not yet mighty.
The trickle of a river not yet strong,
but within my mind were dreams.

I thought to myself…
When will I flow?

Every touch,
every word,
every color,
every note,
every taste,
was another grain,
another pebble,
another boulder,
another hill,
another expansion to my range of view.
And though I could yet call myself a mountain.
Though streams wove their ways from my eyes,
fresh springs of tender breaths,
trees rooted deep enough to whistle in the wind,
thoughts beginning to form,
I still spoke the words,
“When will I flow?”

I caressed the clouds and their silvery charm,
hugging my neck, like heavenly trinkets,
a beard of trees splayed down my chest and back, like emerald robe
rivers, splashing and bubbling and whooshing and running,
like ***** children tumbling down from innocence,
giggling all the way
until they learn that the world hungers for blood.
The clouds at my neck are a vice at my fury.
They blacken like mists of soot
and crackle and moan.
They roar and spit fire upon the earth.
A tree splits and becomes a beacon of wrath, a torch
setting other trees aflame.
Oh, all nature is the same.
There is a time for peace and for war.
But when the flames settle.
When my skin is charred and creviced.
Then sprouts the green fingers of spring.

I am the mountain.
I command the seasons.
The winds are my whip.
The Earth is my chariot.
The clouds are my helm
and lightning my sword.
Guardian or warlord?
Lover or slaver?
Is it an illusion?
Am I at the whim of the seasons?
Does man define my beauty?

Thence comes the answer.
I flow.
I once flowed into me,
Growing strong, I was the mountain,
But the flow is leaving me now.
What leaves me is what I can do without.
The flow becomes my power.
In dying, I gain control.
Strong is my pen,
my word masters the sword
for every beginning
there is an end.

This is me thinking about age
and everything I can be with time
and all that will be lost to the ages.

~ © Darren Wilson



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