Invitation! Welcome to my new group “Poets For Poets”

Calling all poets- Let's get together to scale new heights! Hola! This one is for all my poet friends. When I saw the gap between need and availability, I started my free poetry book reviews to help new authors gain exposure and promotion for their books. That is but a small drop in a vast... Continue Reading →

When dreams come true: An unexpected moment of poetic delight

Try and catch dreams, and they keep flying away. But pause, let your soul breathe, and they alight on you like a delicate butterfly... a touch of joy, more precious in its transience. How precious are those dreams that come alive when we least expect them to? I think, a lot, lot more than others!... Continue Reading →

Top Tips: How To Support A Writer Without Spending Money

You would love to support writers. Right? The most obvious way: Buy their books. But you can't buy all the books of every writer. Right again! Writers understand that too. They wouldn't want you to break your bank either, but of course they do need your love and support as a reader. Can that be... Continue Reading →

3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Writing With Imagery

Imagery, simply put, is the use of words to recreate a world that is not only seen but felt deeply with all five senses and also produces an emotional response in the reader.

SOUL FOOD and INSTANT KARMA: Thoughts For An Inspired Living

Hey beautiful people! How are you all doing? Life is rather topsy-turvy these days but I hope everything is settling well into what might pass as the new normal. These are trying times and we are all experiencing some anxiety, uncertainty and a bit of rage against the circumstances. To help you out with a... Continue Reading →

Free: “12 Months Of Motivation” Planner, Calendar and Chore Chart

Here it is, my very own "12 Months Of Motivation" Planner and Calendar. Well, that's what I call it, because it keeps me motivated. And I am sharing it with you so you can use it too.... just between friends.

Singular: Poetry Video

Poetry video: Singular. I hope you will enjoy watching this video poem as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Brain Exercises to Prevent Memory Loss and Improve Mental Fitness

We often tend to think that we are exercising our brain enough. But we need to do much more. We need to vary our brain's routine and include many different kinds of tasks to give it sufficient stimulation to grow.

CANDID CONVERSATIONS: Mona Soorma talks to Ismael Mansoor

Hello and welcome back to Candid Conversations! Today, I have an interview with a wonderful writer and poet, Ismael Mansoor. He is a fan of online writing and likes to make sure he has written something every day so he can go to bed happy. His pet peeve- people who want to correct his writing!... Continue Reading →

25 All-Time Great Books That You Must Read: Free Download

During one of my many voyages around the internet, I have compiled a list of free-to-download 25 all-time great books that you must read. Download once and read them at your leisure. 

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