Happy New Year 2022!

This has been a crazy year for me. A lot has happened- personal life changes, my kids’ new study programs, a move, and on the flip side, the pandemic, a long and difficult covid illness, and now, a bad back injury that has totally disrupted life as I always knew it to be. In one way or another, I have not been able to either write much or be online to read and interact. This is not something I would choose, but sometimes just practical living has to take priority over the pursuits to sate the soul!

However, I am hoping that the new year will bring good things for all – joy, blessings, good health, and plenty.

Tell me, what are you wishing for? What are your dreams for the coming days… and your plans?

I wish for you all that you would ever dream of having, and then some more… lots of love from the bottom of my heart! Let’s walk together into new beginnings…

Wishing you a joy, love, peace, good health, prosperity and everything else that you desire in the coming year
Blessings for the New Year!



5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2022!

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  1. It’s been a tough year for you and it’s important to take care of ourselves when our body is needing it.
    Wishing you a bright, happy and healthy new year 2022 Mona.
    I’d be looking for serenity and the energy to build up new projects.
    Looking forward reading you next year, anytime you feel ready for it

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    1. Thank you dear Marie! It is such a blessing to have wonderful friends on your side ♥♥♥♥ May you find what you’re looking for… and loads and loads of happiness in every moment. Happy New year!

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