You Cannot Shoot Or Electrocute It, by Ivor Steven

Hola my dear friends

Just look at this beautiful poem that Ivor wrote for my journal! I am so grateful for to him for gracing my journal with his words. Do have a look at it, and follow the journal for my pots and more guest posts to come.
If you would like to share a post with me here, just let me know.
Meanwhile, read and enjoy this poem.

The Lockdown Journal

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You Cannot Shoot Or Electrocute It

I see grey clouds drifting across the sky

And I hear the great white bear continue to lie

You cannot shoot it

Nor can you electrocute it

I cannot hear your bullets blazing

Nor can your bombs do the erasing

Your insincere words cannot stop it

Nor can your falsehoods hide it

I cannot see your pain and fears

Nor can I see your sympathetic tears

Your money keeps you safe in the ivory tower

But will your money send the people flowers

Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

Bob Dylan, wrote these profound lyrics 50 years ago…

“All Along The Watchtower”

“There must be some way out of here,” said the joker to the thief,
“There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line know what any of it…

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Day 8: 29th March 2020

Hello lovely people!
The world is a difficult place to be in right now and I hope you are keeping safe. Perhaps we need to escape to another planet in a distant galaxy to escape these little monsters! But until that could become possible, I am just washing my hands a million times a day and writing my lockdown journal.
Please come and have a look, share your stories and tips, or just give my writing some support with a like and a follow. Reach it through the reblog or click on the latest post from the Journal in my sidebar.
Thank you for being here for me! Love you all!

The Lockdown Journal

Sunday. A week has passed in lockdown and the days have begun to slide into one another. There is not much feeling that comes with the weekend, except for what the mind can muster up by looking at the calendar on the phone.

Enforced captivity is a strange thing, an amalgam of quiet, calmness and anxiety all merging together. There are moments when one takes over the other, and I am trying to keep the anxiety moments to the minimum.

The weather is a yoyo, veering between warm and cool from one day to the next, a time when the common cold always makes its presence felt. Right now, every little sniffle feels like a dire predicament, what with the doomsday predictions that are the stuff news headlines are made of. However, the vibe in the street is of a timeless quiet, a neutral void, and that is definitely a…

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The Lockdown Journal

As my country goes under lockdown, I have started The Lockdown Journal to document this epic battle the world is fighting against this pandemic. Through my writing, I aim no provide a place to share our news and stories, to give support to those who are feeling stressed, to show that none of us is alone in this. We are all here for each other.

Coronavirus Blues: Let’s Beat The Brute With Books And A Soap

Attitude matters. We cannot change the situation we are in, but we can try and get through it with the least damage to our mental well being. I believe in doing my bit whenever I can. So, to help you cope with forced confinement, I am giving away three books, absolutely free! 

You are a woman and that is your power!

Who are you? You are the sunshine and the dark night, a tempest and the gentle spring. You are every colour of the rainbow. Hold your head high, wear your crown with grace and remember, you are enough. You are worth it. You are a woman, and that is your power!

LOVE SYMPHONY: #1 New Release on Amazon!!

Celebrations!!!! My latest book LOVE SYMPHONY is #1 New Release on Amazon! I am over the moon... It is a happy moment to have my second book after Breathless to touch the top spot. God is good! Thank you, everyone, for your awesome support!

Valentine’s Day Gift For You: Get Love Symphony FREE!

It's the season of love and it's raining freebies! 
Just for this weekend, that is 8th and 9th of February, 2020, you can get the "Love Symphony" kindle book absolutely free on Amazon. All you need to do is visit your Amazon account and click on the buy link when you see the kindle price mentioned as zero. 
This book is also free for the subscribers of Kindle Unlimited.

Free E-Cards for the special people in your life

Who doesn't love E-cards! And when they are free to use...that's a wish come true.

Now, send your thoughts and wishes to your loved ones with these free video and animated cards.

My Crazy Mind’s Antics In The Near Past

All about what I have been up to in the past few months...

Fall Blues!

Hi friends Sometimes life reminds us to take it slow... Until the bug playing in my veins decides to leave, I would not be able to get to your posts much. But I will be back very soon. Until then, keep showing up here, it feels wonderful to have such beautiful people around. Happy days... Continue Reading →

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