An Overactive Mind is a Writer’s Workshop!

Are you too driven to try new things all the time or is it just me?

Sometimes I find it difficult to stick to things, though honestly, more than 5 years of writing poetry on my website and social media would count as a teeny bit more than sometimes. I think I did deserve a break. The break was enforced by my falling sick with a long covid illness and continued with a bad year, healthwise. It came to a point where I got used to being away from social media and believe me, it feels good to live even when living is difficult. After a while, I stopped feeling guilty for not being online. That’s what brought the real break!

However, my mind is what it is and wasn’t still at all. While I stayed away from the teeming millions of posts, I completed a long pending book, set up a whole new garden and cooked and baked so many goodies that we all got fat. Then I stopped. Cooking up goodies, that is. A really don’t appreciate turning into an elephant. Somehow the pandemic had made life so serious that for a long while, I felt writing love poetry just didn’t make sense. I still haven’t fully gotten over that bump yet. It didn’t fit the mood and writing about other things isn’t as much fun.

But trust me to wrench out the good even from the bad. This is a gift from God and I am eternally grateful! Well, back to the point- this break finally made me take the plunge into my long-time dream of a magazine that would bring writers and readers together on a journey of words. Lit eZine is finally happening and I am excited. While I tried to juggle my social media schedules without drowning, there was never enough time for this task of mammoth proportions because it involves so many other people. Note to self: It is not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it. For now, I need to get the writers and the readers until the magazine is established enough to be running itself and my editor has gone awol but those are just teething troubles. I know you will support me by reading the magazine, I know I can count on you. My wonderful readers are the best ever and I am going to give my all to bring you a magazine that you would enjoy. If you are a writer, please submit your work for Lit eZine. I would really appreciate your contribution.

Elephant scratching against a tree trunk

Hmmm…maybe enough scratching would turn that tree to a poem…

The good part- I am beginning to get the writer’s itch. Again. I think that’s what writers survive on! May it grow until it becomes un-scratchable and spill over in ink…

Do you think I should concentrate only on writing poetry and other stuff instead of constantly branching out? Do you think these projects like the magazine are worth doing? What is your opinion, looking in from the outside?
There, I am running around in circles again! But sometimes, just hearing things said helps you sift through your thoughts.
Do you agree?

While I sort through my innumerable tangles and thank my stars that tangles are my tiny adrenaline pumps, you stay tuned for the Lit eZine Magazine that’s going to show up real soon!

Until then, happy reading and may your pen never stop…

LIT eZINE Magazine coming soon!

One thought on “An Overactive Mind is a Writer’s Workshop!

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  1. Well done on the magazine! It’s something I had on my list once but as you say when we have too many ideas, it’s hard to focus on one. And sometimes I feel so all over the place with ideas. I need to concentrate on something or I get nothing done.
    Take care Mona

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