Launching LIT eZINE Magazine

I am delighted to announce a new feature on the website, an online literary magazine with poetry, stories, articles and more…

Launching LIT eZINE, the online literary magazine!

I am so excited! Months of planning have culminated in this magazine that I hope will be un-putdownable!! Is that a word? I don’t know but that’s what the magazine is going to be because my editor, the talented and fabulous writer Darren Wilson is going to keep me working hard and make sure it is so.

LIT eZINE Magazine coming soon!

And, it is going to be free to read. Yes, no subscription charge. If you have subscribed to my website, you will be notified as soon as it comes out. If you have not, subscribe now.

Call for submissions to the literary magazine LIT eZINE

Writers, we are open for submissions. Let the ink flow… give your awesome best. It is a chance to get a wider audience for your work. We will give live links to your site with the published work. And the free magazine will have readers from all my social media pages and all Darren’s pages, and then some more. It’s a win-win for everyone. Submit your work at the LIT eZINE Submissions Page. I look forward to having you awesome creative people on board.

Tentative Lit eZine magazine cover volume 1
Tentative cover of the winter issue coming soon!

Readers, sit tight and stay tuned, your stimulating, thought-provoking and engaging magazine LIT eZINE is coming very soon!

Are you with me? Let’s roll!


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