Rainy Days and Sundays: 20 invaluable lessons that made my life a happy place

It’s here! Finally!

Rainy Days and Sundays: 20 invaluable lessons that made my life a happy place

This book has been my slowest ever… yet. I guess good things are worth the wait, and it’s time now to find out if you find it good too. One thing is certain- the anticipation never fades, whether it is your first book or the hundredth.

While I wonder and worry, you get to read the first part of the book, right here, right now. Don’t forget to write back with your impressions, please…

Rainy Days and SUNDAYS

You might find storms exhilarating, or you might find them a pain, but they are inevitable. Each storm will etch its indelible path on you and when you come out on the other side, dripping yet triumphant, one thing is certain: You would never be the same again.

When the going is good, it is so easy to forget that every day is not a Sunday. I love the summer, the Sundays in life, and the exhilaration hidden in idyllic moments. I firmly believe in enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. But what of the rainy days? Should we sit inside in hiding, scared of getting wet?


I would willingly go out running in the rain, splashing like a child, or maybe, quietly enjoy the drizzle from my porch, a steaming mug of coffee in my hands and dreams in my heart. It definitely beats sulking at the weather and fuming at the muddy paws on the floor.

Ah! Well, when you get too many lemons, just make yourself a mojito!

How I wish life were that simple! Alas, it is not. Often, we find ourselves caught in whirlpools that seem to suck at our feet, pulling us in, when every effort seems to be in vain. There are moments when we are so bereft of hope, that we begin to doubt our ability to swim and reach the safety of the shores. It is in these times of rough weather, that we find our true strength, our resilience, our courage, and somehow, we do manage to get through. There is always a small ray of sunshine that beckons, the promise of warmth and comfort, the vision of a dream that keeps calling us, and we follow that beautiful strain of sound that plucks at our heartstrings, urging us on, never letting us give up…

I consider myself truly blessed to have had the ability to get up every time I have fallen. And believe me, such times have been aplenty. Perhaps, for a reason, God bestowed on me the sight to see the silver lining edging the dark clouds that pass by. In my journey through the ever-changing seasons of life, I have learnt that winter is inevitably followed by a gorgeous spring and every spell of rain gives way to brilliant sunshine. What’s more, I have learnt that winter snow and drenching showers can be beautiful too. We just need the right eyes to look at them.

As I sit here reflecting and writing down my thoughts, I wonder if you would read these words and think, “I’ve been there too!”

I’m sure there would be many moments when our thoughts would collide and sync. With this journal of musings, I share with you my deepest feelings, the thoughts that I sometimes dare not voice even to myself, and the lessons that my journey so far has taught me, in the hope that my words will be your friends to fall back on when you feel alone.

Talking of lessons, one of the most important things that life has taught me is that wildflowers are often as beautiful, if not more, than the most sought-after roses.

So come, let us be those dandelions that some call flowers and others call weeds… for we need no name to bloom and be beautiful.

Please don’t forget to write back! I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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