LIT eZINE Vol 2 is live!

Cover, LIT eZINE Magazine, Vol 2 February 2023

Hey beautiful people!

It is good to be back. Back from my millions of other dreams.

Those who know me also know that I am always doing so many things together, and to prevent a huge burnout, and from working myself into the ground, I now keep taking a social media pause. One such pause always ends with the publication of a new issue of LIT eZINE magazine. Like right now.

A new issue, new writers with their poems and stories… and loads of Valentine Reads because this is the season of love! And when we say love, my own poems can’t be far behind. This time, I even wrote a short story. Now that’s a new one.

So go on, click on this LIT eZINE February 2023 link and start reading. What are you waiting for??

If you want to be a part of the next issue, this is where you can submit your work.

Happy reading and Happy Valentine’s Day.


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