Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the women out there who are moms by blood or by love, I send my gratitude as they care for and nurture the beautiful little ones who are the future of the world.

Let each one of us do something for our moms to make them smile… yes, we can do it even during a lockdown! Cook them a nice meal, or just give them breakfast in bed, bring them a flower from your potted plant, clean up their room, make a little card…the list can be endless and the shared joy infinite!

Let us make today as beautiful as the pure love shared by a mom and a child…


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  1. Well, we could do that if Mom & I didn’t live in towns 100 miles, 160km, apart. Because of health issues either one of us can drive that far any more. Dad is in a nursing home 30 miles from their home & they are staying isolated currently. My brother and his wife live several hundred miles away. So, a bit of a disappointing day since we can’t even get together to just look at each other, let alone give hugs.
    But, Word Press is showing a link to a 2019 poem titled, “To Mom With Love”, perhaps she would enjoy receiving that.
    And, my brother did contact me asking if I wanted to join him in sending her a flower bouquet, of course! It arrived the other day. Plus, I got a card with specific intent to send it so it will arrive this coming week and Mothers Day won’t be a thing with a sudden drop off end.

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