Free: “12 Months Of Motivation” Planner, Calendar and Chore Chart

It’s freebie time! And the freebie today is…

“12 Months Of Motivation” Planner Package. Your very own planner, Calendar and Chore Chart. Print it or use it on your computer.

The past few months have been difficult for everyone. Life is slowly limping back to what might be considered normal under the circumstances. The enforced restrictions and anxiety about the future, both financial and otherwise, are a little depressing at times. Often, I find myself spending my time worrying and the will to do anything much is conspicuous in its absence. That made me wonder how many others might be in the same boat I am in!

In times like now, a planner is just what I needed to keep track of what has been done and what still needs attention. And of course, the upcoming birthdays must not be forgotten! How nice it is to be able to tick off all that gets done… the chore chart full of checkmarks is definitely a morale booster. And when the beautiful page of the month pinned above the desk has a few words of motivation to keep me going, I feel that I can do it!

What is better than to share what you have with friends? Nothing. Nada. Absolutely zilch!

So here it is, my very own “12 Months Of Motivation” Planner Package. Well, that’s what I call it, because it keeps me motivated. And I am sharing it with you so you can use it too…. just between friends.

12 months of motivation planner and calendar- poster

Get your copy of the “12 Months Of Motivation” Planner, Calendar and Chore Chart now. Scheduling was never this beautiful! Ever!

Sharing is caring, isn’t it!


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