Their love makes my world go round…

Two sweet ladies. One book of mine. Infinite shared love…

They made my day, week month!

How? They read my book “Love Symphony” and wrote such wonderful reviews….

I am honoured, humbled, rendered speechless! I am sure their words are much more beautiful than my poems, and I’m not really sure that I deserve them, but I am so grateful to them for their kindness and appreciation.

Sarika Jaswani is a poet, story writer and a crochet artist who makes and sells fabulous things on Etsy including toys to match her stories. Every kid would love to own one. Read about her book Ryan The Rock here.

Esma is a bilingual poet whose book Shamma: The Dancing Flame is a beautiful collection of verses that will engulf you in their warmth.

Here’s what they said-

From Sarika’s pen…

To her poetry is not only her creative egress but also her impetus to reach out to her followers who pocket her poetry as a quiet companion of their hearts needing to voice their feelings, in shenanigans or in times of hapless phase of life…

A three course delectable poetry to be treasured and passed on as a bequest to the family.

Read the full review on her blog.

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Esma writes…

I kept flying with the power of her words and expressions. The elegance of her poetic manner kept sweeping me away. I felt, I could dance with each word and expression.  I felt I was there, with her story. Perhaps, it was my story as well…

Her eloquent way of expression and profoundness creates a wonderland inside of me.

Read the full review here.

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Thank You
I treasure your words, Sarika and Esma ♥


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