POETRY REVIEW: Where I Ache by Megan O’Keeffe

Title:                Where I Ache                             Author:          Megan O'Keeffe Buy the book here Follow Megan O'Keeffe on Goodreads Follow Megan O'Keeffe on Twitter Follow Megan O'Keeffe on Instagram Visit Her Website  ... Continue Reading →

POETRY REVIEW: Against The Night by PMF Johnson

Title:                Against The Night: Love Poems                                  Author:            PMF Johnson Buy the book here Follow PMF Johnson on Goodreads Follow PMF Johnson on Twitter Follow PMF Johnson on... Continue Reading →

POETRY REVIEW: Cherry Blossom Days by Sandy Benitez

Title:                Cherry Blossom Days                                    Author:            Sandy Benitez Buy the book here Follow Sandy Benitez on Goodreads Follow Sandy Benitez on Twitter     About The Author ... Continue Reading →

POETRY REVIEW: Insomniacs, We by J. Andrew Schrecker

Title:              Insomniacs, We                                              Author:        J. Andrew Schrecker Buy the book on Amazon            Barnes & Noble         ... Continue Reading →

POETRY REVIEW: A Woman’s Story-Her Prerogative Spoken Through His Words By Derrick Graham

Title:                A Woman’s Story                                                                                        Her... Continue Reading →

POETRY REVIEW: Moon Dreams by Mark Kloss

Title:                Moon Dreams                                              Author:            Mark Kloss Buy the book Moon Dreams here Follow Mark Kloss on Goodreads Follow Mark Kloss on... Continue Reading →

POETRY REVIEW: The Opulence Of Invention by E. P. Mattson

Title:                The Opulence Of Invention Author:            E. P. Mattson Buy the book here Follow E. P. Mattson on Goodreads Visit His Website   About The Author E. P. Mattson is a native Californian poet and multi-disciplinary artist. His work is keenly concerned with... Continue Reading →

POETRY REVIEW : Saluda Reflections by Arthur Turfa

Title:                 Saluda Reflections Author:             Arthur Turfa   Buy the book here Follow Arthur on Goodreads Follow Arthur on Twitter   About The Author Although Arthur Turfa has travelled to many places, his writings contain images of Western Pennsylvania and the people he knew... Continue Reading →

POETRY REVIEW : Reflective Dogma by Isbelle Razors

Title:                 Reflective Dogma Author:              Isbelle Razors  Buy the book here Follow Isbelle on Goodreads   About The Author Isbelle Razors (real name: George Papadimitriou) comes from Athens, Greece. He writes poems and music, sings and plays the piano and studies Business Administration. He... Continue Reading →

POETRY REVIEW: Black Butterfly:  The Journey – The Victory by Lorna Jackie Wilson

Title:                 Black Butterfly:  The Journey - The Victory Author:             Lorna Jackie Wilson Buy the book here Follow Lorna on Goodreads   About The Author Lorna Jackie Wilson was born on April 11, 1964, in Detroit, Michigan to Carrie Jean Wilson. Lorna has lived in... Continue Reading →

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