POETRY REVIEW: Moon Dreams by Mark Kloss

Title:                Moon Dreams                                             41RM-SndWlL

Author:            Mark Kloss

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About The Author

Mark Kloss is a London born business and family man, who has always had the innermost dream of writing and having others enjoy his stories. After his son’s huge success in the self-publishing game, he thought he better step it up a few gears and get his work out to the public.

Now published are ‘Game Hunter,’ and its sequel ‘Showtime,’ a young adult novel set in a dystopian zombie future.

‘It’s a Funny Thing Life,’ a poetry book of love, loss and inspiration and ‘Rioting Against the Odds,’ a poetry book of adventure and fantasy.


Book Blurb

Once again, in Moon Dreams, Mark’s soulful and uplifting poems have given perfect rhythm to the love, adventure and trials of the life we share. Like Mark’s previous book, It’s A Funny Thing, Life, each poem is easy to read and a joy to follow.

From the fishermen’s battle with nature’s raging sea, to the dark rider’s race through the forest to save his true love, his beautiful words reach into our hearts, as they first reached into his.

Most were written after the day had finished its watch, some into the late hours of night when the pace of life had slowed. And so, he offers you his latest set of poems to help you dream, if just a for a short while, of other lives and times, with the help of the moon’s friendly eye.


The Review

As the name suggests, Moon Dreams is a book set mostly in the last part of the day and the poet wishes to create a setting where you can dream under the mellow light of the moon. The simplicity and honesty of the emotions portrayed give the book its appeal.

The book opens onto beautiful word-images that Mark has created. Every poem is a wonderful story, the words are expressive, the rhyme perfect and the pictures created take the reader to the scene in an instant.

The evening sun soft on trees
Draws in its yellow heat.
Fruits on which sparrows feed
Are full, ripe and sweet.

The smell of damp and muddied leaf
Mixed with the swirling living mist
Caused the beast to grind its teeth,
“Steady there,” the rider hissed.

These lines are just a beginning and an example of the poet’s exceptional skill with words. The poetry is complemented with equally fabulous sketches that add to the charm of the book. I could point out a lot more, but I don’t want to paste his whole book here.

An easy read, overflowing with emotions and artistry, this is a must-have book for every poetry lover. All I would like to say is, “this is my kind of poetry and I love it!”


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