POETRY REVIEW: Black Butterfly:  The Journey – The Victory by Lorna Jackie Wilson

Title:                 Black Butterfly:  The Journey – The Victory

Author:             Lorna Jackie Wilson

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About The Author

Lorna Jackie Wilson was born on April 11, 1964, in Detroit, Michigan to Carrie Jean Wilson. Lorna has lived in Michigan most of her life, outside of U.S. Army, military enlistment. At the age of four, Lorna was placed in foster care. At the age of 10, she was reunited with her mother and siblings, only to be separated and returned to foster care at the age of 13. Lorna’s journey and related circumstances surrounding foster care placement presented situational experiences that no one should ever have to face. Feeling lost and abandoned, Lorna began to write. Initially, the harsh realities of life spilled into her journals. However, the journals became a testimony to others, illustrating the life of an overcomer. In Lorna’s last and final foster care home, she was placed with Acie Lee Spraddling. Acie Lee Spraddling was the catalyst toward positive change. She was a true advocate for youth, adopting 11 children and taking in 17 foster care children. As a parent, Acie led by example and truly cared for children. She introduced Lorna to Christ and took her to church at nearly every opportunity. Needless to say, Lorna’s journals began to embody faith and hope. Acie made her heavenly transition on July 21, 2015. Her legacy lives on through her children. Lorna’s journey continues as she gives back by speaking to youth about foster care experiences and overcoming obstacles. She has four beautiful children who support her writing and encourage its continuance. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and master’s degrees in business education and information technology. In 2013, Lorna entered a national singing competition/fundraiser, sponsored by William Beaumont Hospital. The fundraiser was launched to support Children’s Miracle Network. Lorna was one of the twelve finalists in the competition. In addition to Black Butterfly: The Journey, The Victory, Lorna Jackie Wilson is the author of Babygirl: Prequel to Black Butterfly, Game Changers: Power – Control – Deception, and Penny Candy: The Hopscotch Trails.
Book Blurb

Black Butterfly is a compilation of poetry that speaks to the silence of loss, the fight for families, and love for foster children. With consideration to the daily realities that foster children or youth may experience, Black Butterfly embodies real-life issues through faith-based reflections. This is a young girl’s journey, pre and post, foster care. This compilation is dedicated to the foster child, the youth in crisis, and individuals striving to achieve positive change. Black Butterfly proclaims wholeness to the fatherless, healing to the broken, and hope when faith and determination are all that remain! THIS IS THE JOURNEY – THE VICTORY!

The Review

Black Butterfly: The Journey – The Victory is all about the journey of broken hearts from tragedy to victory through faith.  The poet has drawn extensively from experiences of her own life, and the word pictures she has created are very touching.

The book opens with the poem A Child Misplaced, an account of the feelings and questions that looms in the minds of children who find it difficult to understand “why them!”  There are several poems that deal with the problems of teens and young adults, about God and Christianity, and about women. There is also a whole section of poems that are tributes to the people who have meant a lot to the poet.

What stands out in this book that talks a lot about troubles and brokenness is the hope that shines through almost every poem. It is admirable that the poet herself has not given in to despair even in her own life and is a role model for many who find themselves in a difficult situation. The theme of Christianity is very strong in the book. Those of another faith might not find some of the poems very appealing, but personally, even though I am not a Christian, I had no problem with that. I felt that the poems are universal, if we mentally tune out of the name of Jesus, and substitute it with a universal God, they are something we can all relate to.

Some poems that spoke to me were “Come let us talk”, “Teen life in the hood” and “The beauty within”. “Before you enter heaven” is one that I do not agree with, but this is my personal opinion and not a commentary on the poem itself. The poems themselves are very lyrical, however, they have a very similar structure and at times one begins to wish for more variety in style. Overall, the book is very well written, I especially liked the introductory pages and the tributes.

For a reader who has no issues with Christianity as a theme, the book is one that makes you think and helps produce a positive change with hope and faith.




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