POETRY REVIEW : Reflective Dogma by Isbelle Razors

Title:                 Reflective Dogma

Author:              Isbelle Razors 

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About The Author

Isbelle Razors (real name: George Papadimitriou) comes from Athens, Greece. He writes poems and music, sings and plays the piano and studies Business Administration. He speaks Greek, English, French and Spanish. Isbelle has lived all over Greece, in Valencia, Spain, in Quantico, Virginia, in Cyprus and is also a model, an ex-narcissist (well…), a Second Lieutenant reserve of the Greek Special Forces (Airborne), a Pirate and an eternal seeker of truth and lover of beauty.

Book Blurb

REFLECTIVE DOGMA is a collection of poetry & prose that tells a story. The spiral story of the Universe. The universe of I…and you. Through the Eyes… It examines themes like the divine, the subconscious, death, love, time, narcissism & rebirth. Most importantly, it is a call to action. “Join the Revolution of the Minds!”

The Review

Reflective Dogma, the debut poetry book by Isbelle Razors is, in his own words, the spiral story of the Universe, and a prelude to another longer one that he is currently writing. To me, this book is the journey of a philosopher’s soul through time… from eternity into birth, through death, back to the beyond…

I was a little apprehensive about the book, perhaps the title did not call out to me, but the book itself turned out to be a near perfect package.  

A gripping narrative, right from descriptions to set up, and the suggestive words “END?” and “NOT THE END”, it speaks of the poet’s talent. And when one considers the fact that most of it has been written by a sixteen-year-old… well, I would certainly love to watch him grow even further! 

Isbelle is a magician with words, using them like a master to great effect, creating beautiful pictures for the readers. Some parts of the poems stood out of the rest for me-

(Cursed be thy name) 

We must hurry before the curtain falls. We are the actors.
I felt myself drowsing and drowning in the soft echoing whispers…

The sea (the apocalypse)
Oh I see the bottom and I worship your infinity

(Letter to my other self)  

The kingdom of apocryphalness 

(Artemesia’s Halo)
There is silence in this secret, isolated ceremony, the throne seems empty but the room is full 

My only fear is time… the acidic taste of leaving my life’s puzzle incomplete.

Very lyrical and rhythmic in parts, the book is a complete story, yet every poem can stand alone by itself as well. 

I found that at times the poems begin to meander in the middle, but on the whole, they are compact, refined and thought-provoking. 

This is not the kind of poetry one would be indifferent about. There’s no middle path here, either you would like it, or you won’t. It is different. The theme and the treatment is his very own, and I liked it immensely. Certainly worth a read, or two!



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