Celebrating Poets – Nasreen Malik

Today is a happy day… just because! It is raining and a respite from the heat and the cool, cool breeze does make the heart smile.

And of course, it’s time for some more poetry. The poet for today is this sweet lady who had been with me on Google plus for a very long time…those lovely days that are a part of history now, but I am glad I am still in touch with her.

Nasreen Malik… read her wonderful poetry on Instagram, and I’m sure you will love her too! Most of her poems are full of love and joy, but today, I choose one of her darker pieces because this one speaks of the incredulity, hurt and anger felt by so many of us at some point in our lives. Do write to her in the comments and visit her page for more.

Hateful moments

I loved him dearly
A deep Passion l had for him

In matrimony he was my divine God
My beginning and ending to this Life

My joy and Ecastasy 
My future was with him so l thought

One fine night he walks home 
Totally drunk

Grabbing me by the neck
His Red blood shot Eyes

Peering into mine
Scared as hell l got

Ohhh dear Lord
What’s this…!? Is this the turning point of my life
My Twins terrified

Tugging at my clothes
Mommy… Mommy….!!! What’s wrong with daddy
Hurriedly sending them into their bedroom

My thoughts running wild
I must grab a hold to myself ‘Darling why are you drunk’…l questioned 
Turning around he knocks me on the floor

Nose bleeding and my right cheek burning with Pain
Dear God…!!! I can’t take this… What was once a happy family
My Man had turned into a Monster

Taking hold of the situation
Grabbing my kids late night

I run out forever
Leaving him asleep on the couch

Feeling broken
Endless Tears running down my cheeks 
Never to return to this hell
All my dreams shattered and to start a new Life

Copyright ~Nasreen Malik 2018



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