Celebrating Poets – Ivor Steven

We all have heard about poetry being the window to one’s soul… in this case, it is definitely true. This poet has always touched my heart with his often anecdotal poetry and his honesty of thought and emotion that shines through.

Ivor Steven… the poem I have chosen is full of some beautiful word-pictures. I hope you will enjoy reading it. For more, head to his blog and let your heart be touched…


via Time Off, Time’s Awry

Time Off, But Time’s Awry

Last night I awoke in a pool of blood

Surviving Noah’s great flood

There was no bleeding horse head

It wasn’t a dream, I wasn’t dead

The nightlight died instead

A dark shadow engulfed my bed

Sheets of oozy dripping threads

A deep flowing red

From where, I do dread

Petrified, motionless I’m spread

The hole in my heart is dry

Fearful tears of crystal white I cry

My bloodshot eyes are weeping, time’s awry

Puddles of gore descend from the Boar’s sty

Visions of devils and angels pass my eyes

I’m not ready to say my goodbyes

Am I suddenly being nailed to the cross to die

Or is it, that cupids’ arrow in my thigh

Ivor Steven (c)  2019



7 thoughts on “Celebrating Poets – Ivor Steven

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  1. Dear Mona, I’m honoured and humbled, to have my poem posted by you on your incedible blog site, thanking you for your kind consideration of my words……, from Ivor in Geelong.

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