Finding Poetry: Two lovely poets you need to read

I hadn’t planned on two posts for Finding Poetry today but there is something I need to show you, right now!

Finding Poetry: two poets- Marie Kleber And Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

The first is Bliss & Kiss by my dear friend Marie Kléber.
Her poetry is beautiful and worth many reads. But what made me start this post is her latest poetry challenge. I just found out that she is writing a poem every day this NaPoWriMo. Go read, you will love it and so will she!
This would be a good place to begin- NaPoWriMo Day #1

The second is another lovely poetry site that I wandered on to via Marie’s site.
This one is called Grace of the Sun by Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy. Her poem Do Something immediately went up on my must share mental list. I am sure you will find it amazing too!

Stay tuned for more on Finding Poetry this Indie April!


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