Finding Poetry: New Poems for you this Indie April

Hey! It’s #IndieApril and the #PoetryMonth too!

It’s time for a special feature and I think I am going to call it Finding Poetry. I am going to find you new poetry to read. Books from Indie poets, some free poetry book links that I can find online… let’s see how it goes.

If you have self-published a poetry book and want a shout-out, here’s the place to connect with new readers. Just let me have your book link and the link to some poetry from you and I will post it here.

Welcome to my Special Feature- Finding Poetry: Showcasing poems and poetry books this Indie April, Poetry Month 2022

Spread the word. Follow some poets. Buy some Indie Books. Every bit of your effort is going to be appreciated forever by the poets.

So let’s get going! Stay tuned for my posts on Finding Poetry.


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