What does a poet live for… a little adulation, a bit of applause…

That more than makes up for the heartache, the gestation pains that are a prerequisite for birthing words, even happy words. How often a writer dies, to live again, in the embrace of a dream!

Sometimes, in the midst of the mish-mash called life, someone manages to touch our hearts with the beauty of their soul. My friend Glen Giles did just that by writing this beautiful poem and asking me to name it. And because of the beauty of his gesture, I named this one “A Touch Of Magic”

Thank you, my friend, for that precious gift.

Here is the poem. Read and enjoy, and follow this amazing person here

A Touch Of Magic

by Glen Giles

Words that twist around my spine

Trickling through my soul and mind

Leaving me breathless into the night

Only a whisper without sight

Driving their way through the seams

Fluttering and dancing as in a dream

A life only known in the shadow of night

Only to unravel at dawn’ light


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