Free: “12 Months Of Motivation” Planner, Calendar and Chore Chart

Here it is, my very own "12 Months Of Motivation" Planner and Calendar. Well, that's what I call it, because it keeps me motivated. And I am sharing it with you so you can use it too.... just between friends.

25 All-Time Great Books That You Must Read: Free Download

During one of my many voyages around the internet, I have compiled a list of free-to-download 25 all-time great books that you must read. Download once and read them at your leisure. 

Coronavirus Blues: Let’s Beat The Brute With Books And A Soap

Attitude matters. We cannot change the situation we are in, but we can try and get through it with the least damage to our mental well being.

I believe in doing my bit whenever I can. So, to help you cope with forced confinement, I am giving away three books, absolutely free! 

Free E-Cards for the special people in your life

Who doesn't love E-cards! And when they are free to use...that's a wish come true.

Now, send your thoughts and wishes to your loved ones with these free video and animated cards.

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