Coronavirus Blues: Let’s Beat The Brute With Books And A Soap

Suddenly, we find the world around us almost falling to pieces and all that we are trying to do doesn’t seem quite enough. It’s a tough life right now, what with lockdowns, confinement, social distance, homeschooling, loss of wages… many of us are struggling to cope.

Shall we allow circumstances to overwhelm us?

Don’t give up hope just yet. It’s the last thing to go. When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.”
― Pittacus Lore

Attitude matters. We cannot change the situation we are in, but we can try and get through it with the least damage to our mental well being.

I believe in doing my bit whenever I can. So, to help you cope with forced confinement, I am giving away three books, absolutely free!

YES! Three Free Books, just for you.

Get Them Now!

Cover of the book SOUL FOOD AND INSTANT KARMA by Mona Soorma


Soul Food and Instant Karma

Thoughts for an inspired living… a book of inspiration for the moments when you could do with some positive affirmations.


Cover of Love Symphony by Mona Soorma, a book of micro poetry and thoughts


Love Symphony 

A Hundred Refrains Of Love… A book of micro poetry and thoughts for a quick change of mood.




Book Cover of BREATHLESS by Mona Soorma, a book of fifty love poems



Fifty Poems of Love… to take your breath away!




Love Symphony is free until 20th March. Breathless and Soul Food & Instant Karma is free until 22nd March. But don’t wait until the last day. Get them now… 

I will look forward to your honest reviews. Your feedback helps me make my books better.

Follow the precautions, keep washing your hands, keep your head up and stay safe!

Poster with boxing gloves and never stop fighting written on it

Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay 


4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Blues: Let’s Beat The Brute With Books And A Soap

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, actions 💜

    Water Falls Peaceable wyle the Fire sign that flew in impure foul, butchering thoughts, feelings, and routines that weren’t prepared for Their worst. Wonder, empaths, and divinity doesn’t wait for bullies, bandaids, nor neanderthals to do the right thing, butt comfort the Child first, securing environments with nurturing blankets of warm cuddles and hot cocoa to watch the snowflakes Fall outside the window of Reality within You that keeps fires burning WHen destiny comes Of AGE. Masculinity hoards tp and guns..A Friend gives back, til the end…in the beginning…Waz another ending. Fire and Water r getting hit bye THe heir, premade plans that didn’t work out, and flew their staged coup. THe Flow doesn’t stop, nor pause, know Respector of individuals’ efforts, But always continues.. despite Them forevermore. no Matter, their Time, contaminates, halts, or his stories may damn Her.. merely curse Her. STay HOme, don’t go out Side of yourSelf🙏 Thank you 💜🙏

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