POETRY REVIEW: Shamma The Dancing Flame By Esma Ashraf

Shamma: The Dancing Flame By Esma Ashraf reviewed by ArtInCrochet (Sarika Jaswani)
Book Cover- Shamma: The dancing Flame by Esma Ashraf

Title:  Shamma: The Dancing Flame                      

Author:      Esma Ashraf

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A book written as a tribute to author’s supportive mother, it unfurls the multifarious facets of women, gradually being ascertained by Esma’s each chapter and verse.

Akin to life of ‘Shama’ of ‘flame’ the selfless nature of women to burn and brighten the life of everyone around and glow in benevolent longanimous light is vividly expressed. In the verse ‘Without Wings’ the author talks about rising in love is evocatively expressed.

‘Wish List’ and ‘Completely A Woman’ brings the rawness of desires that want to be set free. ‘Love, Red & I’ talks about women’s vulnerability & devotion. ‘Building Blocks’ talks about facing rejection & quandary of unrequited love expressed in ‘Autumn Fever’

My favorite is ‘Eclipse’ because it’s a brilliant anaphora of verses that describe the depth of emotions. ‘In Love, I Melt’ couldn’t have been a better end to this extraordinary collection of ode to women. It is a homage, a ballad to ‘Shama’

A must read and a must have book for a comletist


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