Poem Of The Day (24th September 2019)


The poem Expendable by Mona Soorma aka Manic Sylph

Welcome to my Poem Of The Day (24th September 2019). It is a pleasure to have you here. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please do leave a comment, your support and criticism are equally appreciated.
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2 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day (24th September 2019)

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  1. The word Expendable brings to mind when my Dad graduated from the Navy’s Destroyer School back during the cold war, an Admiral speaking at that class’s graduation said outright to the wives in the audience that their husbands were considered expendable to protect the aircraft carriers, that was a reality of war and he wasn’t going to lie to them about it.
    I remember Mom saying something along the lines that she’s the kind of logical person who appreciates the honesty, reality is reality, might as well face it and live it.

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